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Engineering production

Thanks to our modern technical equipment we are also processing "commercial" orders eg Serial laser and plasma cutting up to material thickness up to 50mm, serial bending of sheets on CNC press brake, turning of parts on CNC lathe, serial painting of products and parts in powder painting automatic blast machine, series welding of steel and stainless steel, cutting and bending of profile materials, and more ...



CNC sheet metal cutting by Fiber laser

We offer production of shaped shapes from sheet metal technology FIBER laser on the machine NESSAP GAMA 3kW. Cutting sheet metal with this technology is fast and accurate, bringing maximum effect for the customer. Fiber technology is more energy and maintenance easier than older CO2 technologies. Thanks to this we are able to offer you the best possible quality for a minimal price.

Possibilities of our machine

Cut materials  
Structural steel max 20mm
Stainless steel

max 12mm

Aluminium alloy

max 12mm 

Sheet metal format

max 3000 x 1500mm

Cutting accuracy +/- 0,1

CNC sheet metal cutting by plasma

We offer cutting and cutting sheet metal technology CNC NESSAP KOMBI. This technology offers a lower cutting cost and greater availability in the fired material compared to the laser. However, it does not achieve such high accuracy and cutting speed.

Possibilities of our machine

Cut materials  
Structural steel max 50mm
Stainless steel

max 30mm

Sheet metal format

max 3000 x 1500mm





CNC sheet metal bending

We offer sheet metal bending / folding on the TRUMPF TruBend 5170 CNC folding press. It also features ACB Wireless Angled Assist for maximum precision bending. The TruBend 5000 Series is the world's most successful TRUMPF press brake. From programming through tooling to custom operation, you are unrivaled in productivity with this machine. Innovative features such as lower tool offset and 6-axis rear stop allow full freedom of use.

Possibilities of our machine

Pressing force 170t
Bending length 3230 mm
Max. bending accuracy +/- 0,0025 mm
Max. bending speed 220 mm/s
Stop system 6 pers  
Ram crossing +/- 10 mm
CNC style[2].jpg

CNC turning

We offer machining of metal / turning / CNC-controlled machine, which is able to produce series and piece with the highest precision ensuring high-speed turning when a smooth surface is achieved. Suitable for mass production.

Possibilities of our machine

Diameter of machined part: 300 mm
Workpiece length: 1350 mm

We also offer metal / turning / conventional machining.





CNC milling

We offer very precise milling of metals on a CNC milling machine STYLE BT 1500 with an automatic tool changer (24 positions), which is able to produce accuracy in series and pieces with the highest and very smooth machined surface.

Possibilities of our machine

Desk: 1850 x 610 mm
Max speed: 8000 ot/s
Tool head 24 positions





Powder Coating

We offer powder painting parts in our new modern powder painting shop. Powder coating is a surface treatment of metals with powder plastic. The plastic is electrostatically applied to the metal surface. Thanks to this process, this surface treatment can only be used for metallic conductive elements. Application of the powder paint is followed by firing of the product (part) in the kiln at a temperature of 160 - 200 ° C.

Cabin dimensions:

Internal height: 160 cm
Internal depth: 220 cm
Internal width: 150 cm


We offer blasting of parts by an automatic blasting machine as a pretreatment for painting parts in a powder paint shop (komaxit). For high-quality powder coating it is necessary to clean the surface of the painted part. This machine is suitable for blasting of all parts of simple and complex shapes, which can be machined in suspended condition.

Blast chamber dimensions:

Internal height: 210 cm
Inner diameter: 110 cm





We offer welding of steel and stainless steel by MIG / MAG and TIG methods. We weld quality welding power sources Migatronic, Fronius and Kemppi. Welding takes place on modern welding tables with a clamping mechanism. We also offer spot welding of thin sheets using a resistance welding machine. Our welding shop is equipped with central exhaust of welding fumes with air recovery.








We offer machine deburring of stillage after laser and plasma burning on a RWT machine. - rounding of the cut edge, removal of the oxide layer, finishing, removal of slag, removal of rust, deposits and inlets above the surface of the material. High quality and uniform deburring of all sides on the stillage. Processing of very small workpieces using a magnetic table.

We offer our customers precisely processed burr-free products.








We offer comprehensive services including assembly of manufactured parts into individual units, subassemblies and assemblies of machines and equipment. We are able to ensure complete production of your product, including final functional tests, when we then pack the finished product and send it to you. We assemble simple parts and large assemblies.