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About the Company


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Czech, company RYKOV Libčany, s.r.o. was founded in 1991, which was devoted mainly metalwork manufacture and production of atypical sweeping cylinders and components. Since 1993, also specializes in the manufacture, sale, service and development facilities and a small communal garden equipment. It also discusses the development and manufacture of cabs for medium range tractor manufacture automatic sweeping brushes, custom metalwork manufacturing (welding, lathe work ...), production of steel structures and buildings, sales and service of lawn tractors and other products in our offer. Our company is a leading domestic manufacturer of municipal engineering, mostly peripherals. Our major customers are mainly manufacturers of lawn tractors and garden equipment. Rykov Most products are supplied to foreign markets (80%), which are sold under various brands, and sign the rest oflogo[2].png the production (20%) on the domestic market. In 2006, completed an extensive renovation of the main building and the construction of a new production hall. Currently, the company has modern facilities and an extensive network of resellers,which allowsyou to buy our products throughout the country and abroad.

Since 2018, the company has been certified in the field of quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015


Currently the company is divided into two business divisions, namely:

Division I - Production of municipal engineering

Where our company is a leading domestic manufacturer of municipal equipment and peripherals mainly to grass tractors and ATVs. Our major customers are manufacturers of lawn tractors and garden equipment.

Division II - engineering, metal

Where the company applies a long experience in this field and a number of companies with which it cooperates.

With modern equipment, we can also handle the "commercial" contracts such as serial and stainless steel welding, cutting and bending profile materials, serial plasma and laser cutting material up to width 100mm, serial painting products and parts in powder  

Our production technology:

CNC Plazma RYKOV  Fiber Laser 1,2[3].jpg  IMG_20171107_083930int.jpg  Výstředníkový lis RYKOV    Lakovna RYKOV  Automatický tryskač RYKOV

Production of attachments for grass tractors and ATV-UTV:

  • sweeping brushes to kultivatorsLOGO.jpg
  • brushes for sweeping snow blower
  • sweeping brush to grass tractors
  • sweeping brush to grass riders
  • Sweeping brushes for ATV 
  • aerator
  • snow blade of grass tractors STANDARD PLUS
  • snow blade of grass riders
  • snow blade for forklifts
  • snow blade for ATV
  • snow blower for tractor grass
  • hydraulic trolley
  • multifunction trailer
MK 110 ATV    Multifunkční vozík RYKOV  Shrnovací radlice RYKOV  MK 110 Sweeper  Vozík RYKOV  Sněžná fréza RYKOV


Production of parts for municipal machinery MATEV

We manufacture parts, components and entire products for our sister company MATEV GmbH, which offers:

  • Snow blades for municipal tractorslogo matev.png
  • Scraper for municipal tractors
  • Mowers, mulchers for municipal tractors
  • Sweeping brushes for municipal tractors
  • Vacuums and collection baskets for municipal tractors
  • Adapters and attachments for municipal tractors
  • Sweepers, blades, mowers, snowmobiles, carts for garden tractors
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