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ZK 100 SF 

The ZK 100 SF sweeping brush is designed in aggregation with a snow blower to sweep roads, pavements, production plants etc. Moreover, it is ideal in winter for clearing smaller layers of snow. When used in aggregation with the snow blower – remove the worm wheel with the output chimney. Instead of it, mount the sweeping brush on two screws. We use the same belt drive for the brush. The brush can easily be switched for an aeration cylinder. Simple brush structure without V-belts.

Light resistant rotating sweeping brush, which quickly and effectively sweeps sand,pebbles, leaves and light layers of snow, even if they are close to the wall or curb. Easy to control, everything from the user’s position. Connection with two screws, approx. 1 min.  The sweeper is fitted with a universal brush suitable for both winter and summer maintenance of paved surfaces.

Work scope: 1,000 mm
Brush diameter: 400 mm
Tilt to the right, left, 3 positions
- control from the user’s position

You can purchase an additional collection bin for collecting dirt for the brush and an aeration set.

In summer, you will appreciate that the brush is easy to switch with an aeration cylinder and you can even improve your
lawn. If you need to sweep, just change it back. For perfect cleaning, you will be pleased by the use of collective bins for
dirt. The sweeper is fitted with a guide wheel in order to set the ideal sweeping height and to prevent increased wear of
the sweeping cylinders.




Video cutter for easy exchange of sweeping brush - everyone can do