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ZKK 110 Sweeper

Streetsweeper ZKK 110 SWEEPER - INOVATION 

Brush Diameter: 400 mm

Working width: 1100 mm

 Tilt left, right, 3 positions

Sweeps a large area from dirt and snow.  The actuator is a belt of electromagnetic coupling.

Easily connect the tractor to mildew - just 2 screws, no need to drill holes into the frame of the tractor, lightweight design, low price, new design, year-round use, exchangeability sweeping war for aeration ...  

Accessories brushes ZKK 110 SWEEPER: bin, side brush aeration kit



Sweeping brush ZKK 110 SWEEPER is the aggregation of the tractor for sweeping roads, pavements, and the factory buildings. It is also used in winter to lower layers of snow removal.

Easy replacement of the sweeping roller aerator - extending the use of machines

By the same adapter can connect clearing plows, snow plows, motor sweeper brush.

Basic equipment: supporting wheels, the front cover aperture, stabling jack adapter.