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OK 110 R

Sweeping brushes for lawn riders









 Option accessories: Collector, side přimetací brush aeration kit

 Easy interchangeability of cylinders for aeration sweeping, universal machine and is usable in all seasons and thus increases the utility and lawn tractor.



Sweeper OK 110 R

Sweeping shot .....1100mm

- Brush diameter......400 mm

- Tilt left, right, 3 position of the driver's seat

- Vorsatzscheibe geflogen Partikel werden

- Rychlopřipojení an der Zugmaschine mittels einer Stift


 Basic equipment: supporting wheels, front hood cover, parking stands



Easy to use, all from the driver's seat. Connection with two screws about 2 minutes.

Drive: Belt - remains the same from mowing

Starting sweeping - the same as starting mowing, only one lever. Lift the lever and lift off sweeper, sweeper disclose placing lever in working position and is switched on.

In summer, you will appreciate the easy replacement of brushes for sweeping and aeration war zkrášlet you and your lawn.  If necessary, sweep - you change back.  In a perfect cleaning appreciate the use of receptacles for collecting debris.