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SF 100 T

Snow for grass cutter tractors

Snowblower is an excellent tool for those who use the lawn tractor in mountain areas and are considering extending the use of the tractor as well as winter season. For the price of a small hand-held blowers get super powerful cutter with an active width of 100 cm!Power cutter is mainly due to design cutters and then last but not least, the weight of the machine.  Construction Cutters: A unique one-step solution, when the working speed of about 1480 rev / min throughout the auger rotates, which is terminated výhozovými blades. This design, together with weight machines secures approximately 3 to 4 times more power than the average manual snow blower.Drape the height can be adjusted by adjusting the reptiles.




Snow Cutter SF 100 T

- Shooting and lifting cutters from the operator

- Width 1000 mm

- Height  500 mm

- Shooting   200 °

- Adjustable glides guide

- Weight .... 67kg




Connecting to grass tractors: Karsit, AGS, Honda, John Deere

Snow cutter is used to snow removal from sidewalks, roads, parks, etc. The main working body of the snail, which is located in the input slot machines. In the middle of the screw blades are positioned projectile. Snow shoveling is the exhaust pipe to the sides by means of adjustable chimney, which is controlled from the operator's seat.